Galette des rois

January 6th, the feast of the Ephinany, and the famous Galette des Rois takes it’s place among the mouth-watering gâteaux and breads in boulangeries throughout France! Haven’t the French heard of new year resolutions to cut out all things wickedly sweet and tasty following an overindulgance of the same over the festive season? Apparently not! Suppose ‘Frencwomen don’t get Fat’ and all that!!

Quand l’appétit va, tout va….when the appetite is O.K, everything is O.K. And so, for the entire month of January, galettes are eaten and Kings and Queens crowned. The youngest members of each family/gathering is sent uner the table to allocate pieces of this traditional cake to all in sundry!

A celebration of when the three kings visited Jesus, bearing gifts, the galette is round in shape, representing the moon, made like a brioche, with a hole in the centre and decorated with candied fruit, or else from puff pastry and almond paste, depending on the region. (Here in Normandy, the almond paste is sometimes replaced by apple purée).
There’s always a fève (a charm) in the galette and he/she who gets it, without choking on it that is (!!!) is king/queen for the day, and has the priviledge of nominating his/her queen/king! Glossy,cardboard crowns are provided for the coronation!
Give it a love it!!


To make the Galette you will need:


1 packet of puff pastry

For the almond paste: 100g ground almonds

75g butter, softened

3 egg yolks

pinch of salt
Mix together the egg yolks, sugar and salt. Add the softened butter and mix thoroughly.Divide the puff pastry in two.Roll out and line a (greased) tin with half the pastry. Prick with a fork.Spread the almond paste on top, throw in a fève, and cover with the rest of the puff pastry.Bake in a hot oven for 20 – 30 minutes.