Cheat’s Easy Soup

A Monday soup in our house – nothing in the fridge etc. but nearly always a bag of frozen peas and a stock cube! Great for a quick fix, soooo easy and yet very tasty. 


You’ll (only)need an onion chopped finely

a little olive oil

450g bag frozen peas
800ml water
1 tbsp vegetable bouillon powder/1 stock cube
small handful of chopped fresh mint (optional)
Fry the onion in the oil until soft.  Add the stock cube and the water, then the peas.  Once they’ve risen to the surface they’re done!

Liquidise, season and sprinkle some mint on top as well as some cream (optional)



Doesn’ t get much easier than that!

P.S a diced courgette/diced potato may be sautéed with the onion..